Thai oil massage

olajos thai masszázs

Although the traditional Thai massage is publicly known as a dry massage, according to the Thai tradition, it roots in the Ayurvedic massage, which features the usage of various herbal plant oils. It is no wonder that even in Thai tradition, there is a type of aromatic oil massage, which were neglected in the past, but has been living its renaissance in today's Thailand.

The oil Thai massage is a full body massage, during which the back, the limbs, the stomach, the neck-line, the upper part of the back and also the neck is massaged. While the patient is lying on the massage bed or carpet in underwear, the body parts that are not actually being massaged are covered with towels or soft clothes. The aromatic oily Thai massage does not contain the stretches the basic Thai massage does, but it is restrictened to the treatment of energy lines, and - opposite to its pair - applies stroking moves instead of the point pressure technique.

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