Thai massage history

Thai remedy - including Thai massage - originates from India, and roots in the Ayurvedic techniques practiced by Indian Buddhist communities and monks, nevertheless, it has been impacted by other cultures as well.

With the Buddhism's prevail to other Asian territories, the monasteries' medical practice spreaded as a part of the religion, and when the teachings of Buddha arrived to Thailand (around the 3rd century BC), pharmacies and medical schools were opened near the temples.

The healing and massage techniques were passed down from father to son in Thai families, and as the majority of the population was illiterate, they could solely use oral traditions. The task of recording the knowledge was given to the learned monks of the monasteries, their work guaranteed the availability of the teaching for the future generations for the possible longest time and in its most possible completeness.

The knowledge of Thai remedy had been kept recorded on palm leaves and in the Pali language, but in 1767, a significant part of all the written memories were destroyed by the inimical Burmese corps. All that had been left were collected by the order of King Rama III in 1832, and were carved into the wall of Vat Pho, one of the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok. The heritage of Thai medical science were translated into modern Thai by the order of King Rama V in 1906.

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