Thai massage

Some important features of the traditional Thai massage:

It is done on the ground; the person getting the massage lies on a mattress, and during the massage, the masseur walks around and massages them in the position of lying on the back or on the stomach or sometimes in sitting position. The massage covers all body parts from head to toe.

According to Thai medicine, the vital force circulates in the body through a channel network and the basic technique of Thai massage contains partly the massaging these channels with fingers, partly the stretching and moving of particular muscles and joints. As this is a pressure-based, subsidiary- and appliance-free massage, there is no need for removing the client's clothes, only they should be loose and comfortable.

The masseur uses a wide range of clasps: their thumb, palm, fist, heel, sole and foot all take part in the progress of the massage, while, besides the traditional massaging postions of lieing on the back or the stomach, sometimes lifts, streches the limbs of the client, makes them sit up, turns them round, or carefully sits or stands on particular body parts.

Thai oil massage

Thai herbal massage

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