Thai herbal massage

gyógynövényes thai masszázs

This form of Thai massage is both applied independently or as a completion of other massage types. During the massage, the body's energy channels are pressured with herbal plants brewed in small canvas strips. In Thailand, a blend of about ten local herbal plants is used for this purpose, while in the Hungarian practice, the basic blend usually contains camomille, lavender, and sage, occassionally completed by other plants according the needs of the patient. The herbal bundle has a favorable impact on the skin and the connective tissue and it helps detoxiation and regeneration.

In order to requisition the herbal massage at your home, you will need a heating facility, for example an electric rice cooker, or that the cooker is located in, or near the room where the massage takes place, so that the work of keeping the bundles warm won't disturb the progress of the massage.

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