Massage at your home

In order to enable you fully enjoying my service of Thai massage at home, the followings are needed:

A relaxed premise with a pleasant temperature, spacious enough to enable me walking around you while you lie on the floor, and from this position, to turn you to your sides to both directions.

For the traditional Thai massage, we shall need a thin, quilt-thicknessed foam (ideally a quilt or some blankets put on each other) to lie on, and likely, some small pillows as well. Your clothes should be comfortable, the type you would wear for doing exercises. The most practical outfit is a pair of loose, knee-length (or a little longer) pants and a t-shirt.

For the Thai oil massage, the above mentioned berth, or a bed that can be walked around is needed. For covering the body parts that are not actually massaged, 2-3 middle-sized or 1-2 big towels are needed. Mind you that during the massage, the towels and the sheet will become oily.

Please do not eat anything and do not intake alcoholic drinks within the hour preceding the Thai massage! By clicking on this link, you can be informed about the cases that require extra precautions, or about those in which the application of Thai massage is prohibited.



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