Tradicionális thai masszázs

Traditional Thai massage

Some important features of the traditional Thai massage:

It is done on the ground; the person getting the massage lies on a mattress, and during the massage, the massager walks around and massages them in the position of lying on the back or on the stomach or sometimes in sitting position. The massage covers all body parts from head to toe…

Olajos thai masszázs

Thai oil massage

Although the traditional Thai massage is publicly known as a dry massage, according to the Thai tradition, it roots in the Ayurvedic massage, which features the usage of various herbal plant oils. It is no wonder that even in Thai tradition, there is a type of aromatic oil massage, which were neglected in the past, but has been living its renaissance in today's Thailand…

Thai masszázs az otthonában

Home service

In order to enable you fully enjoying my service of Thai massage at home, the followings are needed:

A relaxed premise with a pleasant temperature, spacious enough to enable me walking around you while you lie on the floor, and from this position, to turn you to your sides to both directions…

The origin of Thai massage

Thai remedy - including Thai massage - originates from India, and roots in the Ayurvedic techniques practiced by Indian Buddhist communities and monks, nevertheless, it has been impacted by other cultures as well.

With the Buddhism's prevail to other Asian territories, the monasteries' medical practice spreaded as a part of the religion, and when the teachings of Buddha arrived to Thailand (around the 3rd century BC), pharmacies and medical schools were opened near the temples.

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The impacts of massage

Thai massage has a blissful impact both the masseur and their client. The person who gets the massage will acquire mental and physical refreshment by the massage, and will experience the decrease of their aches and muscular pulls, the progress of their lymphical circulation, and the increase of their body's flexibility, and reaching the condition of deep relaxation will become easier for them. Thai massage rouses the internal organs to their possible best performance, improves the digestion, and helps the absorption of alimentary substances as well as the depletion of toxins out of the body.

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The father of Thai massage

According to ancient recordings, Shivagokomarpaj (this is the contemporary pronunciation of the name, according to Divyavadana: Jivaka Kumara Bhuta, based on other sources: Jivaka Kumara-bhatta), the father of Thai massage and medicine, the most renowned physician contemporary of Buddha, offered a free medical service to Buddha and other monks, and donated his Radjagaha (today: Rajgir) mango grove to the monastery community Jivakarma. Jivaka was a well-known healer and the writings of almost all the branches of Buddhism mention his life and medical success.


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